Tonic Fitness Studio – Brand Design

What They Needed:
Tonic Fitness is an energetic and friendly workout space in Geraldton, WA. Their motto? Feel the fit, find the fun! This branding needed to feel as fast and strong as their Les Mills Pump or Core classes. Introducing energetic colours, dynamic imagery and a youthful logo was the first port of call. The goal was branding that felt as fresh and fierce as the humans of Tonic (who are WONDERFUL – if you were wondering).
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The Result:
With a rock-solid mood board and unmatched energy going into this project, Tonic came to life thick and fast. Our team created a cohesive, memorable and empowered brand for this boutique fitness studio. Delivering visuals as impactful as their fitness experience, the result walks the line between professional and approachable. Tonic Fitness branding makes working out feel exciting.


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The collaboration showcased Mother SPF's commitment to eco-friendly practices, resonating with their target audience with strategic brand alignment and demonstrating the power of strategic cross-selling and targeted marketing campaigns. We're proud to have partnered with Mother SPF and Koala Eco to deliver a win-win for both brands and their customers.