Blue Tree Project

What They Needed:
A fresh new website to help them spread their message. With 1,149 blue trees around the world painted to date, Blue Tree Project’s online presence needed to match their growing cause.

The solution? A website with as much colour and heart as their charity. Plus, a sprinkling of functionality to enhance accessibility.
A photo of a laptop sitting on a char, with the Blue Tree Project website on the laptop screen.
A photo of a mobile phone on top of a notebook. The Blue Tree Project website is visible on the screen, with a illustrated animation of a tree turning blue.
Three long screens showcasing different parts of the Blue Tree Project website.
The Result:
Our creative team dreamed up a comprehensive website refresh, complete with custom illustrations and on-brand animations. The tree counter element? We’re super proud to watch that one grow.

We added some much-needed warmth to the website with textural painted lines, leaning into the handmade and hand-painted aesthetic at the heart of Blue Tree Project’s passion. By injecting a healthy dose of rust brown into the website’s colour palette it adds contrast and helps highlight the iconic BTP bright blues.

Our last agenda item? Improving layout and web accessibility, making their online presence both functional and comfortable to navigate. Mission accomplished.

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