St John WA - First Aid For Me

What They Needed:
An illustration series and website banners that spoke to new parents, teachers, athletes and young adults looking to learn first aid with 15-minute personalised short courses. The nitty gritty of the First Aid For Me brief? To create illustrations that are modern, approachable, and accessible. Free basic courses that go against the grain of prompting yawns from their audience. Hello, learning fun and fresh first aid to suit your lifestyle.
Vertical Image Left – St John
Vertical Image Right – St John
Wide project image – St John
The Result:
A range of diverse character illustrations that feels fresh, inclusive and makes you want to learn first aid quick smart. First things first, we envisioned and understood each audience to make sure that our illustrations would speak their language. Then, our design team took pen to (digital) paper to develop each character – with the whole process encompassing brainstorming, stockpiling references, sketching and colour application.

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