Mother SPF

What They Needed:
A value based boost to their customers by introducing a relevant and desirable complementary product free to their MOTHER SPF order. By aligning with Koala Eco's eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning solutions, we resonated with their environmentally conscious customer base.

Our creative team drove sales and brand awareness for both brands through a seamless cross-selling campaign.
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The Result:
We designed and implemented a seamless cross-sell offer at Mother SPF's Shopify checkout. Customers purchasing Mother SPF products received a free sample of Koala Eco's cleaning products, adding value and incentivising a trial.

The campaign was promoted through a targeted email campaign to Mother SPF customers, highlighting the partnership and the free Koala Eco sample offer. The entire process, from cross-sell at checkout to email communication, was designed for a smooth and positive customer experience.

The collaboration showcased Mother SPF's commitment to eco-friendly practices, resonating with their target audience with strategic brand alignment and demonstrating the power of strategic cross-selling and targeted marketing campaigns. We're proud to have partnered with Mother SPF and Koala Eco to deliver a win-win for both brands and their customers.


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