Mother SPF

What They Needed:
Email marketing designs that speaks to people seeking Australian-made, mineral SPF that leaves their skin glowing and hydrated. We worked with MOTHER SPF to develop a series of templates that would be malleable for future campaigns and evolved over time with new product releases and brand updates. These templates embodied the natural, earthy and glowing aesthetic of the MOTHER SPF product. Our creative team also worked on a series of icon illustrations as an addition to the existing website home page.
Mother Email Mockup
Wide project image
The Result:
A series of emails that are agile and versatile to be applied across future product launches, brand updates or customer communications. The benefit? The MOTHER SPF team are able to action campaigns in-house when they need, and their automated flows are signed, sealed and delivered to convert customers at all stages of their purchasing journey. Additionally, the icon illustrations for the website give clear signalling to the target market that MOTHER SPF caters to their desires – Australian-made, cruelty-free, certified carbon-neutral products, that make your skin glow.


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Project overview- Mother


The collaboration showcased Mother SPF's commitment to eco-friendly practices, resonating with their target audience with strategic brand alignment and demonstrating the power of strategic cross-selling and targeted marketing campaigns. We're proud to have partnered with Mother SPF and Koala Eco to deliver a win-win for both brands and their customers.