EIUS Brand

What They Needed:
A brand strategy and brand design that is tailored to expecting mothers and parents. We evolved EIUS from its former identity as a natural, alternative supplement that embodied a highly maternal, feminine tone of voice. Moving towards a concise, androgynous, holistic and researched tone of voice was the core focus of this project. The strategy and brand assets were developed to allow the EIUS community to feel nurtured, supported and cared for through natural and unique evidence-based formulations.
Branding Mockup
The Result:
A rejuvenated brand aesthetic and strategy that exists to reconnect people with the fertility journey they deserve and provide guidance on their reproductive health. The brand aesthetic and packaging outcomes embody the strategy and customer appeals. The branding combines tasteful androgyny, minimalism, natural textures and colours. EIUS is a supplement you are more than happy to display on your countertop.


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Project overview- Mother


The collaboration showcased Mother SPF's commitment to eco-friendly practices, resonating with their target audience with strategic brand alignment and demonstrating the power of strategic cross-selling and targeted marketing campaigns. We're proud to have partnered with Mother SPF and Koala Eco to deliver a win-win for both brands and their customers.