Ions Clean Air

What They Needed:
IONS Clean Air sanitises personal and commercial environments to keep them free of bacteria, allergens, and viruses through the innovation of bipolar ionisation technology. The devices revive indoor spaces with air quality that rivals the fresh air of the outdoors, Purifying and sanitising the air, with zero maintenance or cleaning, HEPA filters or costs without compromising the safety of your loved ones – including your pets.
2-IONSVertical Image Left
3- IONSVertical Image Right
4-IONSWide project image
The Result:
We developed and delivered Ions Clean Air’s branding suite, photography, website design, technical illustrations, and print collateral. With a consistent look and feel established, we then implemented Ions Clean Air’s branding across print collateral, social media and website to educate customers on the benefits of bipolar ionisation technology.

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