What They Needed:
GLOWSO creates well-rounded, holistic collagen supplements to aid skin, hair and nail health. The brand was created by Naturopath, Natalie McGrath, to provide a caring, gentle and honest voice on how to best support your skincare and health. GLOWSO was in need of email designs, custom flows configured for e-Commerce and integrations suitable for Shopify. In these applications, there was a focus on carrying through GLOWSO's direct, transparent yet caring and supportive tone of voice.
glowso mock up
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The Result:
Clean, simple and practical email marketing that embodies the soft-spoken, educated and kind tone of voice that GLOWSO embodies. The series was created to provide guidance, education and insight from the brand to the user in a way that feels natural and unforced. GLOWSO provides their community with engaging emails filled with life-changing products, tips and tricks on how individuals can understand and treat their own skin – with a clean and sophisticated delivery. We worked closely with the client to ensure the emails maintained a 'joy to open' feeling in your inbox.

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