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From Visitor > Lead: Capturing Website Traffic with Powerful Email Forms


Getting loads of website traffic is fantastic. BUT. How do you convert those fleeting visits into lasting customer relationships? The answer? It lies in effective email capture forms – your gateway to building an engaged subscriber list. Read on smarty pants for lead generation strategies to optimise your email forms and turn website visitors into valuable leads, all while keeping SEO in mind.


Email Signup Form Optimisation

Strategic Placement:

Position your opt-in form where visitors are most likely to engage. Consider high-traffic areas like your homepage, blog posts, and product pages. Yes to a considered location. No to a pop-up on every page.


Clear Value Proposition:

Tell visitors EXACTLY what they’ll get by subscribing (e.g., exclusive discounts, industry insights). This directly translates to a relevant keyword for your target audience. Don’t forget to humanise your value proposition, and write it in YOUR brands tone of voice.


Form Simplicity is Key:

Keep your form concise with only essential fields. Less is definitely more when it comes to conversion rates. Our non-negotiables? First name (for personalisation), and email address (obviously). 

Form Inspiration:

Need some inspiration when it comes to email sign-up forms? We’ve got you. 

Exit-Intent Pop-Up:
Offer a last-minute incentive (e.g., free shipping) to capture visitors who are JUST about to leave. Great for e-commerce businesses.

Embedded Lead Magnet Forms:
Integrate valuable content downloads (e.g., white papers, ebooks) in exchange for an email, and you’ll be on your way to growing your list in no time.

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