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It’s a curious case of the unknowns.

The anticipation of what’s ahead, being turned on its head. It’s peeking behind the curtain, seeing what’s looming, and breathing a sigh of relief, because – you’re two steps ahead.

It’s our strategic method to marketing to ensure that your business has continued value.
Not just in the here and now, but as you grow and evolve.

We offer full service creative marketing, strategy, graphic design, website design, digital marketing
and beyond.

 You've come to the right place.

"What is 'future proof'?!"
we hear you cry. 

We are headed up by Kate Hedges, a strategic design and marketing expert with a wealth of knowledge of agency land, e-commerce entrepreneurship, brand building, success and failure (learning curves), and website design + builds for businesses big and bold,
or – just being born.

With a multi faceted portfolio spanning clients in health and wellness, fitness, fashion, lifestyle, law, beauty, cosmedical skincare, entertainment and beyond, we’re well suited to work in a multitude of industries.

We specialise in building compelling brands and businesses. ⚡️

We specialise in building compelling brands and businesses.⚡️


digital marketing


Strategic + ANALYTICAL


beautiful branding 

website design

social media

copywriting (that actually converts)

e-commerce solutions

facebook advertising

marketing strategies + audits

It’s why you’ll see our Facebook paid advertising campaigns be:
 a)   gorgeous to look at,
 b)   written with clever copy,
 c)   visible to targeted audiences [aka your dream clients], AND
 d)   rooted in strategy relevant for specific business objectives.

Errr, both strategy AND creative did you say? Yep.
That left brain / right brain dominance thing never really worked for us.

Instead, we’ll go on the record to say [on this ultra rare occasion], that less sometimes ISN’T actually more. The more brain power the merrier.

It’s why you’ll see our design referred to not only as ‘seriously cool’ [by our peers], ‘lovely, honey! ’ [by our mums] or ‘creative AF’ [by random #fans], but also, strategic and smart

“But it’s just a simple design". 

It’s knowing your business inside and out.
It’s being able to articulate a Unique Selling Proposition.
It’s figuring out what resonates with your audience... and what gets scrolled past.
It’s being able to succinctly summarise, in a voice that matches the brand.
It’s driving your dream client / customer / consumer to take action.
It’s doing it all, without even noticing we’re doing it. And doing it well.


Design unique thought provoking brands. Turn ideas into reality. Articulating a businesses' precise, ideal target customer. Building businesses from zero to hero.
Solving businesses big question marks. File happy-dance-esque client feedback into our [Good Vibes] email folder. Appreciate the wins. Little AND big. [with aforementioned happy dance]. Leave the cap off our favourite Artline felt tip pens.

NB: Things we do really, really well.


Gosh, look at you go! Making moves for your business.
Give yourself a pat on the back, and free rein to cross that task off your 'To Do List'.

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