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4 Quick + Dirty Tips for Balancing Life and Business Ownership.

A visual representation of organised chaos.

As business owners it’s hard not to feel constantly pulled in different directions.
For example, for us? This last week has been non stop.

From starting a new client website, in the midst of a bundle of other amazing projects that are underway, to trying to source a new (perfect) office space, all whilst trying to evict an impromptu cold + fever who wasn’t invited to the party🙅‍♀️🤒

The see-saw balance of life and business ownership can feel like a never ending battle when that ‘never ending to-do list’ creeps into your personal time. But, there is a way to regain control.

🔑 Set boundaries – no more email replies at 9pm whilst watching Netflix. Sorry, nope. It can wait until tomorrow.

🔑 Use time management tools. Pomodoro Method. Ivy Lee Method. You know the drill. Micromanage your day. Time is money.

🔑 Get out of your inbox. Set a 25 minute timer daily (once or twice a day depending on your email volume) and get those replies done. 💌 Quit your emails and get to work.

Last but definitely not least:

🔑 Batch your tasks. Do the same thing throughout the week? Block out a chunk of time for that, and that only, the same time each day/week/month.

Tasks this is useful for: scheduling social media content, replying to emails (see point 3), posting orders, invoicing, reporting, blogging, replying to DM’s and so many more. 👩‍💻 What tasks to you batch in your business?

This dreamy picture is by the one and only Jasmine Dowling.

We love how her work is instantly recognisable by her consistent aesthetic, colour palette and image tone. Branding is so much more than just a logo… but that’s a post for another day.

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